14-Year Old Culinary Prodigy Flynn McGarry: ‘I’m Shy And Weird,’ Stages At Eleven Madison Park

Remember 13-year old Flynn McGarry who was profiled by NBC Nightly News after staging a pop-up restaurant with a 9-course menu in a swank Los Angeles restaurant? Well, good news, ladies, he’s now 14, and thus one year closer to relinquishing his jail bait status, but also, he’s moving on up in the culinary world.

Just before the Los Angeles pop-up, he staged at Alinea under Grant Achatz, and now he’s staging for second time at Eleven Madison Park under Daniel Humm and William Guidara, whom he met at a book signing at Sur La Table in Southern California.

“He was so passionate about food and wine and was one of the few people that had already cooked from the book,” Guidara told The New York Post. “Daniel took a liking to him just based on that enthusiasm.”

And, because being an adorably intense child culinary prodigy isn’t enough, he’s also just about the most self-aware 14-year old on the damned planet in the cutest freakin’ way possible.

“I’m shy and weird,” McGarry admitted to the New Yorker in April (we die). “But every chef I’ve met is weird, basically. We want to work long days, it’s really stressful, it’s hot, you get cut, it’s brutal. But we love it. We live for it.”

And nonchalantly sassy. Did we mention nonchalantly sassy?

[New York Post]

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