WATCH: Flynn McGarry Totally Holds His Own on Jimmy Fallon

Kid chefs are cute. Culinary school kids are obnoxious. And teen chefs have a tendency to be extremely self-serious. Fourteen-year-old Flynn McGarryself-admittedly “shy and weird” — would normally fall into the final category. But he totally held his own on a Halloween appearance at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

For one thing, he dressed as neither Guy Fieri, nor any other already famous chef, which is more than we can say for the entire Food Network roster. But he also struck a skilled and charming balance of Infinitely More Responsible than Jimmy Fallon and Jason Schwartzman, when exposed to such temptations as liquid nitrogen and lollipop molds, and good humor toward some gentle ribbing and going off-script.

Watch the clip below, and try to think thoughts other than BabyGrantAchatzBabyGrantAchatzBabyGrantAchatz, because he’s probably trying really hard to Be His Own Person, y’know?

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