WATCH: Daniel Boulud Plays Sous Chef To Fourteen Year Old On Today

Flynn McGarry, the fourteen-year-old cooking prodigy whose list of accomplishments makes the rest of us feel awful about ourselves, was on The Today Show this morning to cook mushrooms on a log. As is befitting of a kid who has an apprenticeship at Eleven Madison Park, his sous chef for the segment was none other than Daniel Boulud. Together, the two plated what is probably the fanciest dish the Today Show kitchen has ever seen — there were thyme flowers! Plated with tweezers! And freeze-dried corn! Al Roker barely knew what to do with himself.

Flynn adorably spent the entire segment talking into his chest, but Daniel was ready to pick up the slack, full of compliments and jokes to keep the bit moving. Besides, he’s got plenty of time to work on his camera presentation. Something tells us that there are plenty of morning show cooking demonstrations in his future. Plus, he can always practice in the kitchen he built into his bedroom.

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