FOOD FEUD: Who Does Keith McNally Want To Put In A Meat Grinder?

A recent comment by British restaurateur Keith McNally to London’s Independent, in which the embattled restaurateur railed against all his fellow English critics, has the restaurant community wide-eyed at how thoroughly he’s burning all his bridges. Specifically, in the wake of the failed transplant of his famed NYC restaurant Balthazar to London (and the extra harsh critical backlash), McNally gave The Independent the verbal equivalent of double deuces to his colleagues:

“My pet hate is the London food and restaurant community which, with two notable exceptions, is a petty, self-regarding, back-stabbing bunch of narcissists who should be put through a meat grinder and dumped into the Indian Ocean.”

Gosh, Keith, you’re mean.

But while McNally fantasizes of Sweeney Todd-ing the entirety of London, we’re compelled to point out that there happen to be two — just two — people in the city that he doesn’t want to put in a meat pie. Chances are, one of them is probably Nigella Lawson, because we just don’t see her ever saying horrid things about people for funsies. (Following that chain of logic, we can automatically discount, oh, every single critic out there.) The other one? That’s an utter mystery to us Yanks. Welp, let’s figure it out soon, because at the rate McNally’s scorching earth, he might not have many friends left in London.

[The Independent via Eater]

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