British Chef Marcus Wareing: Gordon Ramsay Is Like A Box Of Chocolates (Not Good For You)


In one of those Promotional Book Interviews with The Telegraph UK, renowned British chef Marcus Wareing pulls a Forrest Gump in describing his onetime mentor, former BFF, and current frenemy, Gordon Ramsay.

For those readers who don’t speak Brit (we’re semi-fluent), Wareing got his start working with the human bullhorn and grew close to Ramsay over time — to the point that Ramsay served as Best Man at Wareing’s wedding. In 2008, however, that bromance crumbled with an acrimonious split over their restaurant Petrus, leading to a lawsuit and many hurt feelings.

Five years later, Wareing, whose eponymous restaurant boasts two Michelin stars, has a better perspective on the relationship, or what is left of it:

The two biggest turning points in my life were meeting and breaking with Gordon Ramsay. He was best man at my wedding, but we are very different people today. My falling out was never with Gordon, it was always with the company. Without him I would not be who I am and what I am today. He is an amazing leader and I miss him in a strange way. But he is like chocolate: you love it, but you know it’s not good for you. Somewhere down the line you’re going to get fat.

Okay that might not really be pulling a Forrest Gump, but eh, close enough. Also, it’s a very good metaphor for being around Ramsay. Long story short: buy Wareing’s book.

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