FOOD FEUD: Celeb Chefs Love Citi Field, Yankee Stadium’s Stuck With Bad Beer

Yesterday was baseball’s opening day, as anyone trying to navigate the East Village within a two block radius of the newly opened MLB Fan Cave might have noticed, and we have to admit: we do feel a twinge of excitement. Not because of any moony, patriotic feelings we harbor towards The National Pastime, or because of an excuse to proudly root for our hometowns, even if our hometowns are embarrassing. But because of the FOOD. We’ve come a long way from ballpark franks and 32-ounce cups of light domestic beer.

Yankee Stadium, for example, boasts a shiny new Craft Beer stand this season. Oh, it’s owned by MillerCoors? Wait, half the beers on tap aren’t even beers? Okay, maybe Yankee Stadium is a bad example. You know who’s got legit options? Citi Field. Let’s explore those, shall we? Here are 5 reasons Citi Field’s Ballpark Menu trumps Yankee Stadium’s options.

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