Food Idiot Of The Day: The Teenage Boy Who Drank A Quart Of Soy On A Dare And Almost Died

We know that boys seem to think chugging bottles of ranch dressing or whatever is a hilarious form of entertainment (see: Epic Meal Time), but, people, you have to be careful with your chug choices. For example: if the substance you’re chugging is basically liquid sodium, that shit will kill you. Do you know what happens when you flood your body with large quantities of sodium? Something called hypernatremia, which is basically a salt overdose.

So this 19-year-old kid drank a quart of soy sauce on a dare, and started having seizures soon after, as his brain and other organs began leeching water to equalize the body’s salt concentration. As you can imagine, essentially pickling your brain and other organs isn’t good for them.

After a three-day coma, and being treated with water and sugar dextrose administered intravenously to flush his body of the excess salt, the young man eventually woke up. But it took a month for his nervous system to stabilize.

Lessons learned: don’t chug things on dares, even though your alpha-male DNA apparently sends your body irresistible impulses to do so.

[Huffington Post]

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