WATCH: Food Network Star Freezes For An Agonizing 30 Seconds Of Dead Air

On last night’s episode of Food Network Star, Teams Bobby, Giada, and Alton were forced to meet the press — without their mentors. The Producers stepped back on this one, while contestants gave a 90-second presentation to The Network, as well as on- and off-camera journalists from Entertainment Weekly and Entertainment Tonight. The segment was meant to act as their “press kit,” so they definitely had to present a clear delivery on their POVs and stories.

Martita delivered a clean, polished presentation about being first generation Mexican and cooking from her roots. Unfortunately, she was about 30 seconds shy of filling her 90 seconds of tape, and, instead of telling another story or explaining more about the dish, she just stood there smiling and waiting for 30. Agonizing. Seconds.

As the Entertainment Tonight correspondent pointed out, “If I left 30 seconds of dead air, I would be fired.” But, strangely, Martita doesn’t seem to take her tongue-lashing too hard, which worried The Network.

Ultimately, Emily went home last night for refusing to open up about the origin story of her Retro Rad ’50s obsession (something about church recipes?). Her press kit was 90 full seconds of bumbling awkwardness (vesus Martita’s 30 seconds of horror), but we chose the less painful of the two for you to gape over this morning. Check out the two-parter below!

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