Food Network Stuck Running Diabetic Paula Deen’s Butter-Filled Episodes

So remember that time that Paula Deen was diagnosed with Diabetes, had a conversion experience to healthy(ish) eating, and started preaching the virtues of weight loss? At the moment, she no longer wants to be associated with butter (except as a condiment for vegetables), but unfortunately she’s gonna have people holla-ing “BUTTERRRRRRR” at her for another season.

A Food Network insider told The Huffington Post that Deen had already completed filming all of the episodes for Paula’s Best Dishes scheduled to air through the end of 2012. “The only problem with this,” adds the mystery source, “is that they [were] all shot and delivered before her big announcement and before she started changing her eating habits.”

So basically, Paula Deen is going to have to do a lot of People Magazine covers to remind people that she’s not really eating fried cheese sticks dipped in lard anymore, y’all. Man, this must be an awkward situation for the Food Network. If only she’d told them three years ago.

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