WATCH: Food Network Star Doesn’t Know What Pilaf Is, Alton Brown Finally Calls Someone Out

Last night’s episode of Food Network Star pitted the top five remaining contestants against each other in a Restaurant Impossible-style challenge, and, somehow, the judges/production have neglected to eliminate the contestant who doesn’t really know what a pilaf is before this point. Nikki Dinke had to make over a salmon and rice pilaf dish for a flailing restaurant whose menu needed an overhaul, but when it came time to present, her explanation of what exactly a rice pilaf is was…less than authoritative. Check out the clip below.

Miraculously (considering the way this season has been going), Alton Brown actually called Nikki out on the gaping hole in her “food authority,” a must-have theme the judges are pushing for this year’s crop of Stars.

While she was a front runner with her strong “meat on the side” culinary point of view, the judges couldn’t bear to sign off on her advancement to the next round, in which they present their top four choices to Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson. (Nobody wants to look bad in front of the bossman and bosslady. Not even Alton Brown.) He admirably championed culinary integrity and swiftly booted Nikki from the competition. You can watch his blistering call-out below.

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