Food Network Star Rips Off Last Chance Kitchen Starring Robert Irvine As Tom Colicchio

Our favorite flailing food competition show has done a bit of shark-jumping, Top Chef-style. Remember last season when Top Chef ate itself and introduced a redemptive mini-competition to its own redemptive mini-competition? Frankly, it was too meta-confusing for us to revisit, but Food Network Star has recently introduced its own version of Last Chance Kitchen, dubbed Star Salvation, and starring Robert Irvine as Tom Colicchio.

The format is pretty standard: 20 minutes to cook a dish, with a secret ingredient as its designated star, and the webseries airs on following Food Network Star’s Sunday night airing. Last night, booted contestant Chris joined reigning Salvation champ Lovely to square off in a Battle Potato Chip. You can check out last night’s episode and catch up on the rest of Star Salvation below.

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