WATCH: Food Network Star Wannabe’s Back-Talk Horrifies Alex Guarnaschelli

On last night’s Food Network Star, the wannabe-famouses had to participate in the series’ annual Chopped Challenge, in which they’re forced to partake in a mini-Chopped competition amongst themselves, judged by a requisite scary Chopped judge. In last night’s case, that judge was newly minted Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.

While her competitors were busy rushing around the kitchen attempting to compose a dish from ballpark-inspired ingredients in 30 minutes, this season’s blasé ex-model Danushka played with her food, and started frying up dough “out of boredom” to run out the clock. Out of boredom. Prompting Alex to make the above face.

No surprises here; Danushka was sent home for having the personality of sour milk. But please, oh please, check out Guarnaschelli’s priceless reaction to her below.

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