Food Network Winner Is Promised A Fro-Yo Shop, Gets Lame Stock Options Instead

In the past, we’ve sympathized with chefs who went on competition shows with the promise of positions in fancy restaurants, only to be cruelly denied — but in this case, the prize is so lame, we’re outraged on the screw-ee’s part.

Kris Herrera, who competed on the Food Network’s Giving You The Business, sued the show and the Scripps Network for not giving him a 16 Handles franchise, as he and three other contestants were promised back in April on the hidden camera show (think Undercover Bosses, but with lower production values.) Instead, according to the Hollywood Reporter, he was given a crappy consolation prize: “a single, non-transferable, non-voting share of common stock in 16 Handles’ parent company.”

When the episode had completed filming, the network “began advising [Herrera] that he was going to be awarded only a ‘part of a franchise’ or a ‘stake in a franchise.'”

His inquiries about exactly what percentage he would receive went unanswered, he claims, and three days before the airing, he received the disappointing stock share.

The saddest part: “He says since the show aired in May dozens of people have congratulated him each week.” Dude, all those people congratulating you? All they really want is free fro-yo.


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