A Quad-Continental Eating Itinerary Courtesy Of Marcus Samuelsson

His memoir Yes, Chef launched last week, as did a feud with Eddie Huang. But, now that the kerfuffle has died down, where does Marcus Samuelsson, between his Ethiopian, Swedish, and now New York roots, think you should be eating, besides his own Red Rooster, (which, yes, serves $30 fried chicken in Harlem and is delicious)? Herewith, organized by continent:

1. North America: “In LA, it’s Mozza. There’s a great energy when you walk in. I also love the seafood-centric Son of a Gun — I’m going to guest chef there when I’m in LA for my book tour.” And, if you find yourself basking in the Caribbean, Marcus dishes, “I was inspired by the complexity of the jerk spice I ate while traveling in Jamaica. It’s not just one taste, but a layering of flavors that start soft and hit you at the end.”

2. Europe: “In Stockholm I like places like P.A. & Co — small local brasseries with a real family vibe.” He also acknowledged that his favorite meal of all-time was served at elBulli, “Hands down.”

3. Africa: “In Ethiopia I always go to local kitfo restaurants where they serve warm beef tartare.”

4. Asia: “And nothing beats Tokyo’s tempura restaurants — they cook with such precision so it’s light, crisp and just done right.”

So…why isn’t Marcus Samuelsson co-hosting Around the World in 80 Plates, again?

[Huffington Post]

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