Forbes Releases The Top 30 Under 30 In Food And Wine, As Chosen By Lee Schrager, Danny Meyer And Randall Lane

If one is to rank people in an industry based solely on the proportion of talent to their age, one may as well get some really good judges. Thus, in their annual “30 Under 30” Listicle Deluxe Issue, Forbes Magazine editor Randall Lane enlisted the talents of two mega-arbiters of culinary taste: Lee Schrager of the South Beach Wine And Food Festival, and Danny Meyer of the Union Square Hospitality Group.

The list includes restaurateurs, purveyors, brewers, farmers, food writers and editors, and, obviously, chefs — all seven of which we’ve listed below. Congratulations, everyone! May this be a signal of great things to come, and not the apex of your young nascent careers.

Philip “Ippy” Aiona, 24
Executive Chef, Ippy’s Hawaiian BBQ

Christopher Coombs, 28
Executive Chef, Deuxave

Grant Gordon, 26
Executive Chef, Montrose Restaurant Associates; Gateway Restaurant Associates

Adam Leonti, 28
Chef de Cuisine, Vetri

Jeff Mahin, 28
Chef, Stella Rossa Pizza Bar, Do-Rite Donuts

Giorgio Rapicavoli, 27
Founder, Eating House

Alexandra Ray, 28
Pastry Chef, North End Grill

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