Four-Year-Olds Review Fancy Restaurants, Put Alinea Baby to Shame

Remember how Grant Achatz and a whole bunch of other people asked diners to leave the babies at home? Now we find the world’s most adorable restaurant critics and we say BRING IT ON, YOU ADORABLE, AMUSE BOUCHE-SNACKING BABIES.

So this blog, The Bold Italic, is publishing a series of restaurant reviews by four year-olds, because we know that only four year-olds can be straightshooters when it comes to fine dining. Meet Elai Rubinsky, the four year-old critic of Plum Restaurant in Oakland, Calif. And yes, “Elai was difficult to impress.” And her “likes it” face is in fact haunting for any chef out there, so we know that Elai has a bright, shining future of terrifying four-star chefs with that face.

Check out all of Elai’s faces while she snacks on prawns, mocktails, and something chicken nugget-like in a beet salad (that we’re assured is not actually a chicken nugget). Sign up this baby to go to Alinea! Oh, and these other babies, like Desmond Appelgreen, are pretty adorable, too.

[The Bold Italic]

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