comScore Francis Lam Went To Cooking School With Spike Mendelsohn

Top Chef Trivia: Which Intelligent, Articulate, Humble Food Writer Went To Cooking School With Spike Mendelsohn?

Also, since Spike Mendelsohn went to cooking school with Marcel Vigneron, are we to assume that the food writer in question went to school with both of them? Because that’s truly unimaginable.

So, we stumbled upon this tweet today:


First of all, yes, Trivial Pursuit: Top Chef Edition needs to be a game, stat, preferably the board game kind, and not the dumb DVD kind. Come on. Twilight gets to have one. Why can’t we?

Second of all: Did FranLam hang out with Spike and Marcel and toss a frisbee around the quad? Were they friends? Because we really can’t picture intelligent, articulate, talented, humble, best-part-of-Top-Chef-Masters, adorably teddy-bear-faced Francis Lam hanging out with the goon squad. Although, it would be amazing if he did.


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