‘Asians Are The Black People Of The Food World’ According To Food Is The New Rock Hosts

Francis Lam stopped by Food Is The New Rock this week to weigh in on the topic on which he is the foremost scholarly expert: food mentions in Notorious B. I. G. lyrics. No, seriously, he wrote a really intense essay about it for Salon back in the day, and the FINR guys brought it back around for discussion with him in the hot seat, to our utmost delight.

But the highlight of the hour-long podcast comes in the final ten minutes, while discussing that infamous Culinary Imperialism debate Francis and Eddie Huang got into last summer. Behold the revelation by host Zach Brooks: “Asians are the black people of the food world.”

Take a minute for your minds to recover from being blown, and then check out the podcast in its entirety here, or skip to around 50:00 to catch the Imperialism chat. Lucky for all of us, Eddie Huang will be their guest next week. Obviously, we’re staying tuned.

[Food Is The New Rock]

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