Francis Lam Gets Married In What Ruth Reichl Calls ‘The Most Moving Wedding I’ve Ever Been To’

Heart-burstingly sincere food writer Francis Lam married his ladylove Christine Gaspar over the weekend in a New York City rooftop ceremony, followed by a reception catered by (deep breaths, if you’re the jealous bride type) Yee Li, Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga, Andrew Carmellini and Zach Dunham, and Grant Achatz, Dave Beran, and Eric Rivera. The menu (which listed the dishes tri-lingually) reflected both Lam’s Chinese heritage and the bride’s Portugese background.

His former Gourmet bosslady Ruth Reichl posted pics, calling the nuptials “the most moving wedding ceremony I’ve ever attended.” And that’s a big compliment coming from someone with as many feelings as Ruth. Then again, as an ex-cater waiter, Fran-Lam knew the food pitfalls to avoid.

She continued, “Afterward we trooped downstairs for a menu prepared by some of America’s most celebrated chefs. The food was wonderful, but what really struck me was that looking back, say fifty years from now, this menu will speak volumes about how we were eating in 2013.”

You can peep the menu in its entirety below (courtesy of wedding guest Michael Laiskonis) and check out Ruth’s roundup here. Above all, a zillion felicitations to the happy couple. We wish you many, many, many Sundays of delicious dim sum together.

[Ruth Reichl, Twitter]

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