WATCH: Macaron Ice-Cream Sandwiches? Francois Payard Is A Heat-Beating Genius

What a brilliant idea, Francois Payard. The French pastry chef renowned in NYC (and Vegas, Japan, Korea) for his macarons figured out how to make his normally-hot pastry shop a gajillion times more profitable in the heat wave: take macarons and turn them into ice cream sandwiches. Sure, you could make them on your own, as he demonstrates on My Fox NY in the video below, but that would take tiiiiiime and effooooorrrrrt and turning on the oven, which, ugh, why would we do that? It’s SO HOT.

For lucky New Yorkers, Francois Payard Patisserie is selling the elegant little sandwiches for $5 each. For everyone else, follow these handy step-by-step instructions, and ignore the male anchor who’s trying to impress Payard with his fancy French.

[My Fox NY]

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