Franklin Barbecue to Add Line WebCam: 10 Other Restaurants That NEED THIS

It’s basically brilliant: an Austin, Texas resident, with a sky-high, perfect view of Franklin Barbecue, set up a Twitter account to track how long the line is outside. And then he revealed that he wants to set up a webcam. YES. THIS IS HOW EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT.

So we beg, plead, and ask all tech-savvy residents near these 10 restaurants and chains to get those webcams and domains going. WE ARE TIRED, PEOPLE. And impatient. And no one wants to see us when we’re hangry.

1. Shake Shack (No more waiting for your entire lunch break)
2. Dominique Ansel Bakery (CRONUTS CRONUTS CRONUTS)
3. Momofuku Noodle Bar (NEVER AGAIN)
4. Katz’s Deli (Makes us want to stab a fork in our eye)
5. In N’ Out (Just all of them, because WE WILL NOT WAIT FOR ANIMAL STYLE)
6. Smorgasburg (HIPSTERS BE DAMNED)
7. Kuma’s Corner (WE WANT BURGERS)
8. Mission Chinese (Free beer is not enough when we’re hungry and waiting)
9. Mission Cantina (BURRITOS)
10. Noma (HAHAHAHA JK you’d be looking at that “webcam” of “years-in-advance-reservations” for YEARS)

Open to other restaurant suggestions, too.

[Eater Austin]

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