French Subway Franchise Refuses To Honor Valentine’s Day Deal For Gay Couples

Refusing service to gay patrons never ends well for business owners, as the manager of a Subway franchise in Angers, France learned this past Valentine’s Day. We can’t decide which angle of this story is better: the fact that the United States isn’t the only place that suffers from business owners misguidedly defending blatant discrimination in the name of “freedom of speech,” or the fact that anyone thought French gays would be patronizing a Subway sandwich shop on Valentine’s Day.

The manager posted a sign beneath a poster advertising a Valentine’s Day couples’ deal, declaring that the promotion was for heterosexual couples only.

“Discrimination: No, the marriage for all law has advanced, but has yet to be ratified by the Senate. Until then, I’ll use my freedom of expression,” the poster read.

Obviously, this blew up on social media, and Subway promptly shut the shop down, releasing the following statement:

“The SUBWAY brand is strongly committed to maintaining the values ​​of diversity and inclusiveness in its restaurants around the world and does not endorse in any discrimination of any kind.

We apologize to all those people who felt offended by the individual promotional initiative for Valentine’s Day of a restaurant in Angers, France.”

Good work, Gay Backlash Mafia.

[Huffington Post]

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