Fresh Off the Boat, Chengdu Part 1: You Can Have Your Cronuts, Bring Us Pig Brain Mapo Tofu

Things we learned from Fresh Off the Boat: Chengdu, Part 1:

  • The reason it’s so difficult for Giant Pandas to reproduce is literally because they’re more interested in eating and sleeping than they are in copulating. They really are Eddie Huang’s spirit animal.
  • Pandas are shown panda porn to try and get them feeling randy.
  • Local rapper guides absolutely refuse to speak candidly about Chinese government.
  • There’s a creepy, government-subsidized, hyper-commercial Epcot village dedicated to showing what an old-timey street in Chengdu used to look like called “Old Street.”
  • If you’re trying to game Chinese internet by using a VPN to circumvent the national firewall, you have to change it every fifteen minutes before the internet overlords catch on.

But otherwise, the episode features cute pandas, cute children, cute wifeys, and bombdotcom-looking pig brain mapo tofu. Check it out below.

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