WATCH: Eddie Huang Goes To Detroit, Gets Yelled at for Pissing on Local Businesses

Did locals ever yell at the No Reservations crew for Anthony Bourdain’s foul language, or were those scenes left on a cutting room floor to shield us from the squareness of a particular region? Because the owner of Detroit’s Big Baby Burgers was none-too-thrilled with Eddie Huang’s vernacular and a barber shop owner seemed to take issue with him relieving himself on a lamp post outside his place of business. (Which like, could we not offer a restroom inside the barbershop for the crew’s use…?)

Aside from Detroit being filled with “parents,” Eddie and rapper Danny Brown managed to turn over a few stones in the bankrupt city and discover why it, in particular, is such fertile ground for innovators. (“Innovators,” for the record = “skate park builders” and “ratchet abandoned warehouse party throwers.”) (Speaking of, Fresh Off the Boat drinking game alert: do a shot every time someone says the word “ratchet” in Detroit, Part One, available in its entirety below.)

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