WATCH: East Ender Gets Vaguely Sexually Assaulted, Flips Eddie Huang’s Perception of Hipster Gentrification on FOB

(So, like, this was arguably not consensual.)

Is it Christmas? Because this installment of Fresh Off the Boat: London (Part One) includes Eddie Huang reading poetry in a horrendous British accent, multiple Harry Potter references, breaking bread with mobsters, and our new favorite axiom: “Don’t judge a hipster by the faux Timbos.”

The hipster in question is the East End fashion photographer pictured above, who has designed fashion latex (as opposed to bondage latex) gear for Azealia Banks, and gets probably sexually assaulted by this brandy-drunk gangster in a photo shoot she’s staged, in which he pretends to be her boyfriend. She shakes it off but Eddie swoops in to acknowledge it after the fact, which we appreciate. Perhaps it was their special creeped out bond that caused Eddie’s cold heart to warm to the idea of hipsters. Or maybe he was just being nice to a girl who just got felt up by a jackass while trying to do her job/make some art.

Either way, you check out Fresh Off the Boat: London Part One below.

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