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Fresh Off The Boat Enters NYT Extended Bestseller List

It’s a pretty big accomplishment for someone’s book to hit the New York Times Bestsellers list, and Eddie Huang claimed he’d landed on it this morning, as he excitedly told his followers.

However, technically he’s still on the NYT Extended Nonfiction Bestsellers list, at number 33. (And the web version of the list doesn’t even have it! What gives?)

Eddie, we say this with all love and sincerity: that’s the extended list. Snooki’s been on it. (Nate Silver’s book The Signal And The Noise is currently a few places above your book, though, so at least you’re in good company.) Now, granted, your book’s only been out for a week and a half, and there are a bunch of books on the real bestseller list that have no business of being there (who knows how many copies of Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln/Kennedy were bought to be handed out as freebies at this year’s CPAC?), and we really don’t want you to have to resort to failed presidential candidate tactics, and we completely applaud the fact that as a first time author, you cracked the top 40 list without being J.K. Rowling, David Foster Wallace, or Hoda Kotb.

It’s just that you’re not really there yet, and we would like you to be. God, now we feel like the Javert of nonfiction books. Or like a Kafka villain.


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