Fresh Off the Boat Shanghai Part 3: Breakfast Dumplings, Bootleg Malls, and Poop Weed

On the Fresh Off the Boat: Shanghai finale, Eddie Huang takes the show back to its roots and revisits the authenticity/mutability of a region’s cuisine, examining its interpretation by Western cultures. So basically, he eats a bunch of different breakfast dumplings and then incepts himself by visiting an American Chinese food joint in Shanghai.

Remember, kids: “Before you have Chinese-American food, you actually need good weed. And this city got the ugliest, ugliest doo-doo bombs fuckin’ poop weed I’ve ever smoked in my life.” So there are challenges there.

Also, he visits a bootleg mall and totally spoils Wifey 2014’s Valentine’s Day gift, which, bummer.

Check out Part 3 below.

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