The Funniest Food Celebrities On Vine (Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Instagram Video)

Ever since Vine burst onto the social media scene and people stopped using it for porn, chefs have fallen in love with the micro-video service. They send out videos that show the process behind plating elaborate dishes, the presentation of meals they’ve eaten, or cut together brief vignettes of their kitchenly life.

Here’s a collection of our favorite culinary Viners (is that what we should call them?), and why they make us laugh so darn hard.

ADAM RICHMAN: Richman’s one of the few famous food people who can actually use Vine to tell a joke, which is a rare skill. Some of his jokes are guffaw-worthy, like the ones where he narrates the thoughts of strangers:

And some of them are just…puns.

RICHARD BLAIS: We’ve covered many of his ridiculous vines, but the man is a veritable Vine auteur. Just look at his continuation of the seminal horror film The Blair Witch Project: 

JOSE ANDRES: While the excitable Spanish chef sends out the traditional Vines of Cooking And Plating and Here’s What I Ate, he does so with such childlike enthusiasm, and with such odd gadgetry — like this one:

BIG GAY ICE CREAM: Because the ADD format of Vine is perfect for Doug Quint and his adorable eccentricities.



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