Gabriel Stulman Getting Rid of Tipping at Fedora

Gabriel Stulman, the restaurateur behind popular West Village restaurants Jeffrey’s Grocery, Fedora, Perla, Joseph Leonard, and others, will be eliminating tipping at Fedora as reported by Eater yesterday.

Stulman is not the first restaurateur to eliminate the policy. In October, Danny Meyer announced he’d be getting rid of tipping at all 13 of the restaurants in the Union Square Hospitality group. Building gratuity into the price of a meal is becoming more and more popular.


It’s a great policy because it allows employers to raise wages for wait staff (we’ve all seen the horrible customer stories), and also for cooks, who often make less than waiters and waitresses because they do not get tips. According to Eater, Stulman will be testing the no tipping policy for two months at Fedora starting in January, and if it works well, he may implement at more of his restaurants. He says he’ll be taking over as maitre d’ at Fedora four nights per week during the test period, so that customers can see him in the dining room.

Sushi Yasuda, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Midtown has had an anti-tipping policy for years, keeping with traditional Japanese custom. We expect more restaurateurs to follow suit sooner rather than later.

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