WATCH: Gail Simmons Addresses Top Chef Seattle Finale-Gate On Today

Is the Twitter-verse still griping about the format of the Top Chef: Seattle season finale? Apparently so, because The Today Show had to tackle the hot button issue on its “Take 3” segment this morning. Of course, they took advantage of having Top Chef judge Gail Simmons on the panel to get her take on the “kerfuffle.” Said Gail:

“You know, it was ten seasons, we wanted to try something new. We were trying something new, and I actually thought it was really great. It was really fine. It felt different — different for us, challenged us. I think after ten seasons of a show, we wanna change it up.”

And Tom Colicchio already promised us that this was never going to happen again. So can we please just skip to counting the days till Kristen Kish wins a James Beard Award?

Check out Gail’s Take 3 segment below for more on Top Chef, plus her thoughts on the new TSA pocket knife policy, and Taylor Swift’s dating life. (This is your excuse to pretend you’re just kibitzing with your best friend Gail Simmons.)

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