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Alexander Wang Is Getting Gail Simmons Through Emmy Weekend 6 Months Pregnant

It is literally, physically impossible for Gail Simmons to look bad: she knows her jewel tones; she understands structure and volume; and she’s never not-smizing. So we aren’t surprised that she’s looking gorgeous x infinity these days, but we don’t envy any woman who has to power through Emmy weekend on the red carpet while six months pregnant. Thankfully, Gail snagged a bit of help from Alexander Wang.

“I don’t know if he knows how great his clothes are for pregnant women,” she told People Magazine at Entertainment Weekly’s Pre-Emmy Party. “I discovered he makes an entire line that is great [for pregnant women]. I don’t think he meant it that way, but I bought five dresses of his in the last couple of weeks. They’re amazing and so comfortable and nice looking.”

But consider this her last haute hurrah. Says Gail, “I told my husband I’m going to get through this weekend in heels, and then I’m like, flats and an elastic waistband for the rest of the pregnancy.”

Translation: she’ll be the hottest woman in flats and yoga pants at the Top Chef New Orleans premiere party. There goes our outfit idea.


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