EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: We Grill Eric Ripert And Gail Simmons About Hugh Acheson’s Unibrow

We’ve been sitting on this surprise for weeks, but now we can finally reveal our coolest interview to date: The Braiser’s own Mariella Mosthof sat down on the set of On The Table and interviewed Eric Ripert and Gail Simmons.

Naturally, she took the opportunity to ask the hard-hitting questions everyone wants to ask these two Top Chef judges and culinary icons, such as: What’s with Hugh Acheson’s unibrow? Why is it insured for “multi-millions of dollars?” How does the competition format of today’s television cooking programs influence the home cook, and does it elevate American cuisine? Eh, that’s too heavy; let’s get back to talking about celebrity chef hair. And Welsh rarebit. Lots of it.

A big thanks to the folks at the RESERVE Channel for setting this up.

The next episode of Eric Ripert’s On The Table, featuring Gail Simmons, will premiere on Thursday, October 18.

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