WATCH: Gail Simmons Shames Jeff Probst For His Scrutiny Of Her Weight

Gail Simmons’ sneaky feminist heart has captured ours. As anyone who reads Gail absolutely religiously knows: her least favorite questions to answer in interviews are ones about her weight/body/general Top Chef-related fitness plans. So what did Jeff Probst promptly ask her about on her talk show appearance yesterday? How she stays healthy when she’s consuming all that food!

Cool as a cucumber, Gail politely jokes, “Tom Colicchio never gets that question. It’s a very female question.”

But Jeff (and anyone with social skills) picks up on her passive aggression and he sheepishly admits, “I’m embarrassed I asked that now. You’re right.”

Let this be a lesson: writing a book, and explicitly laying out in that book that you, as a woman, are sick and tired of defending your body on a daily basis when it’s your impossible job to both eat food for a living and stay camera-ready 24/7, will not eradicate the world of dumb question-askers. Although, it might be cathartic for you.

Check out parts one and two of her appearance below.

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