WATCH: Gail Simmons Makes Salty Pimp Pregnancy Craving TV for a Living, Wins at [Pregnant] Life

You know who’s leaning in? Gail Simmons and Daphne Oz. Not only are they trudging through pregnancy while continuing to be successful businesswomen and looking crazy-beautiful while doing it, but they’re also cheerfully spinning their pregnancy cravings into highly rated daytime TV segments, instead of quietly wolfing down a Shack Burger in bed out of shame! Isn’t that fantastic news? It is. The pair teamed up for a special segment on The Chew, exploring their respective pregnancy cravings, and where they go to get their fix.

Bonus lady power: on their Big Gay Ice Cream Shop visit, Gail and Daphne are gently guided through making their own Salty Pimps by Highly Underrepresented BGIC Team Member and Generally Fantastic Ice Cream Experience Provider, Assistant Manager Kayla Oberlin! (Yes, we are over-connecting with the choice to showcase her instead of the equally fantastic male CEOs, because some asshats journalists seem to think women don’t do much in the food industry. Snaps to you, producers.)

Peep some adorable pregnant women engaging in the blissful joys of burgers and soft serve in the clip below.

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