Top Chef Baby Watch: Gail Simmons Reveals Cravings, Continues To Be Incessantly Adorable

This summer’s Top Chef: Masters will go down in history as the season everything was so delicious that it took the critics out behind a middle school and got them pregnant. No, really. Both Francis Lam and James Oseland Gail Simmons and Leslie Suter announced around this season’s premiere that they were expecting. (Leslie actually theorized that she conceived the night of the finale.)

So besides running around premiere parties, generally glowing, and chugging selzer, how’s Gail holding up? “We can’t wait to meet the little peanut!” she told Bravo’s The Dish. “I feel great so far and my belly bump is growing bigger every day, especially after a meal.”

Leslie’s off the hook for the duration of her pregnancy, but Gail is still in the middle of shooting Top Chef: New Orleans with baby on board, in full pregnancy craving swing.

“I was craving a lot of peanut butter and jelly in the first few months,” she said, “but the most constant craving I have is cold fresh fruit (watermelon, peaches, apples!).”

We know they aren’t allowed internet access, but if someone could whisper to the remaining Top Chef-testants to add popsicles to all of their dishes, we’re sure they’d be appreciative.


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