Gail Simmons: Future Of Top Chef Just Desserts ‘Still Up In The Air’

Buried in the middle of a Variety article about the Top Chef franchise (timed to print right before the premiere of the Seattle show, and also, hey guys, there’s that election thing) comes this quote:

Just Desserts” was canceled after the detail-oriented nature of the subject proved too challenging.

Could it be true? Could Top Chef: Just Desserts cease to exist? Will we no longer see strudel-rolling contests and grapefruit juice freakouts and giant chocolate sculptures? Eater reached out to Gail Simmons and team to see if she had anything to say, considering she’d hinted before that Bravo was developing even more spinoffs.

“I haven’t heard word about another season from the network, but haven’t heard its [sic] over either,” she said, confirming a Bravo spokesman’s claim that nothing had been officially decided yet. “I guess it’s still up in the air. Hope that helps. Thanks!”

So yeah, we still don’t know what’s happening to the piping bags, the chocolate molds, and poor Johnny Iuzzini, whose beautiful pompadour is probably gathering dust somewhere in a dusty corner of Bravo.

[Variety, Eater]

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