WATCH: Richard Blais Arouses The Ire Of Kimchi Purists On A Gangnam Style Burger Lab

Richard Blais paid homage to “Gangnam Style” in a new and novel way on the most recent episode of Burger Lab: he did it without Psy. (Although, in fairness, he does do the horse dance for, oh, about a second.) The burger is a tribute to Korean Barbecue, with slabs of beef draped over his ground beef patty, homemade kimchi, and kimchi sauce. That last part is where Richard arouses the ire of his viewers.

While he acknowledges that his kimchi is both a “fusion” and a quick-brine, a few commenters still complain about how it’s “not real kimchi” on the grounds of that ketchup, no salt, and a metric fuckton of sugar are involved. We still think it looks tasty. But check out the episode below and be your own judge.

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