GASP: Sam Kass Has Been Furloughed in Government Shutdown

We’re here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on, Sam Kass… or hungry stomachs to feed. (Even though we probs can’t afford to pay you.) New reports show that it’s Executive Chef Cris Comerford who’s feeding the hungry First Family while the government is in shutdown mode.

A White House source told Obama Foodorama that he’s seen Comerford entering and leaving the White House, making her one of just 15 workers not furloughed from the Executive Residence staff, about 90 people. Comerford, who has been running the White House kitchen since 2005, won’t be cooking any large-scale dinners, or even feeding multiple mouths, while serving through the shutdown. Instead, she’ll be taking on Kass’ job of feeding the Obamas during weeknights.

So our poor boy Kass will be twiddling his thumbs for the time being, since he can’t do any cooking or work for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign. Because Kass is now paid as part of the White House Office staff, his policy-making work is furloughed, too — essentially, shutting down the Let’s Move! campaign, for now. Hopefully Kass has saved some of that $125,000 yearly salary. And let’s hope Comerford has plenty of comfort food comin’ for the Obamas.

[Obama Foodorama]

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