WATCH: Gastronomic Voyeurism Is the Latest South Korean Cam-Girl Craze

Cam girls killed the porn star, but South Korea’s hot new gastronomic voyeurism trend is ruining sex work for everybody. Perfectly adorable Park Seo-yeon, known by her stage name as “The Diva,” hooks up her webcam, and lets strangers watch her…you know…for cash money.

Wait, you understood that by “you know,” all we meant was “eat,” right? Yeah, she doesn’t take her clothes off or otherwise perform remotely explicit acts. She just cooks a meal and eats it and live streams the whole thing for 3 hours a day, while voyeurs watch and chat her and — did we mention? — send her virtual money balloons (is that like South Korean dogecoin?) totaling $9000 a month.

“People enjoy the vicarious pleasure of my online show when they can’t eat that much or don’t want to eat food at night or are on a diet,” she explains.

Voyeur-positive onlookers surmise that it must also be comforting for people who usually eat alone, too. So, this is officially the coolest gig since being a non-sexual FiDom. Check out the intrepid reporting (from REUTERS) below.

[h/t The Frisky]

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