PHOTOS: Is Gelinaz! A World-Class Food Event Or An Illuminati Orgy? (NSFW)

Image credit: Tim Willens, Instagram

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Gelinaz!, a massive, avant-garde culinary event held in Ghent, Belgium, that boasted 25 of the world’s most forward-thinking chefs. We had no idea it would feature avant-garde everything else, though, and Eater brings us the next step of culinary innovation: topless women in Venetian bird masks carrying timbales.

Below is a very NSFW photo of the Illuminati-esque procession, and no, this isn’t a screencap from Eyes Wide Shut.

So what do boobs have to do with food? Eater’s Paula Forbes muses, “The spectacle seems to be the handiwork of Belgian chef Roger Souvereyns channeling ‘Cauderlier (And the Naked Lunch too),’ per the Gelinaz! Twitter stream.”

So, Philippe Edouard Cauderlier is widely renowned as the father of modern Belgian cooking, and…boobs?

Gelinaz! founder Fulvio Pierangelini said in an interview afterwards that he plans on doing more events around the world, with the next one in Peru. “We are working on doing one in January in Paris and after New York, a Free Pussy Russian tour.” If this comment is any indication, either nudity will be a recurring theme throughout the Gelinaz! events, or he’s talking about Pussy Riot.

Let’s go with boobs.

(Image credit: @GELINAZ)


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