Geoffrey Zakarian Announces Two New Pantry Cookbooks…A Very Long Way Away

Chopped judge, Next Iron Chef winner, and withering glare master Geoffrey Zakarian has announced two new, cool, totally conceptually intriguing cookbooks he’s releasing… in Fall 2014. If we haven’t died by then, we’ll be sure to pick up a copy. The pair of books will focus on keeping the “perfect pantry,” educating us on all the “essential accessible ingredients that every average home cook should have on hand to make exciting dishes that work for any level of expertise.”

Uh, MasterChef, here we come! In two years!

But, in all seriousness, it is totally essential to home cooking to have tasty non-perishables in the pantry to spice up your dietary life. Or to have Reese’s peanut butter chips on hand in case of a nasty breakup. We’re sure Reese’s peanut butter chips are on the list, right, Geoffrey? Geoffrey…?

[Grub Street]

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