WATCH: Giada De Laurentiis Irritates The Stars At The Golden Globes After-Party

Poor Giada de Laurentiis. When signing up to join The Today Show anchors for coverage of the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, she probably didn’t realize she’d be forced to hit up the after-parties with a camera crew, Al Roker, and a bedazzled mic in tow. Way to cramp a girl’s style, guys.

On the upside, Giada got to feel Kathy Griffin’s panty-line-free bottom (because she wasn’t wearing ’em), get scolded by Sofia Vergara (THAT ACCENT CANNOT BE REAL), and be mistaken for someone named “Giavica” by Eric Stonestreet.

Sally Field and Dev Patel? Not so much with the wanting to be interviewed.

Bonuses: Giada and Al find Bobby Flay in the crowd, and Giada looks super-duper gorgeous.

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