WATCH: Giada Gives Advice On ‘Looking Good’ While Cooking

Hot on the heels of her Golden Globes after-party coverage with America’s favorite sharter, Giada de Laurentiis is not-so-subtly hawking Natural Instincts hair treatments in a teaser for her HuffPo Live appearance later today as a way to look good while cooking, which is evidently paramount to preparing a delicious meal.

“I think that women can feel empowered both in the kitchen — which is what I do — and then also the way that they look,” she begins, explaining the importance of doing as much of your prep as you can ahead of time, so that you don’t appear to be a frazzled party hostess to your guests.

“I think that you can also make yourself look good ahead of time, as well. If you want to refresh your hair color, or if you want to sort of make your hair glisten and shine, you can do that with Natural Instincts in ten minutes, honestly,” she casually throws in. “I always have a little bit of powder and a lip gloss in one of the drawers in my kitchen so that I can quickly just revamp and touch up my lips.”

Did she just reduce female empowerment to cooking and looking pretty? Keeping lip gloss in your kitchen drawer?

You bet she thinks this song is about her. Check out the clip below.

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