WATCH: Ryan Seacrest Hijacks Giada de Laurentiis’s Super Gooey Cheese Segment

Man, Giada De Laurentiis gets to do THE COOLEST stuff as The Today Show’s food correspondent for the London 2012 Olympics. Sure, Matt, Al, and the gang get to interview Olympians, but Giada gets to make Bermondsey Frier cheese with a real British cheese maker! Plus, she learned the age-old secrets behind the infamous grilled cheese he sells at Borough Market, and hand-fed US Olympic Swim Team members Conor Dwyer and Ricky Berens.

Like the US Women’s Field Hockey Team, the swimmers were all too eager to chow down on some authentic British fare. Poor Giada’s segment gets cut short, though, when Ryan Seacrest gets carried away and begins feeding audience members forkfuls of cheese melted on potatoes. In spite of her scolding, rascally Ryan blows her precious few moments of cheese appreciation on an audience gag, and Giada is left to spit out the items found on a traditional British cheese plate in rapid fire fashion during her final seconds. (Aside: where can we get quince jelly? We’re guessing Eataly, where all the other obscure cheese plate accompaniments live?)

Check out the gooey, melty, crispy, stringy clip below.

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