WATCH: Giada Previews Her NY Wine & Food Festival Meatball Madness Event on Today

The New York City Wine and Food Festival starts today, and on hand for one of the kickoff events will be none other than Giada De Laurentiis. Over two dozen chefs are meeting up to make thousands of meatballs for Giada’s Meatball Madness. The event serves as the Giada/meatball contest to complement Rachael Ray’s Burger Bash. It will, of course, be judged by Giada, and it’s been one of the hotter selling tickets of the festival. Wait, people are snatching up tickets for a thing involving thousands of meatballs and Giada De Laurentiis’s in-person cleavage? We’re shocked. Shocked, we say.

On The Today Show this morning, she demoed a guilt-free ball for those of you at home who want to pretend you’re at Meatball Madness, but without the associated meat coma. Instead of showing a traditional pork-beef-veal mixture, she opts for a turkey base. But before you fall asleep over how boring it sounds, she does use a ground dark meat turkey and spicy Italian turkey sausage mixture, and they look pretty tasty, in spite of the lack of baby cow meat.

Check out the clip below and stay tuned for much, much more NYWFF coverage from us coming your way.

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