WATCH: Giada De Laurentiis Gets Grilled on Paula Deen on WWHL

Watch What Happens Live is where Food Network stars go to die get grilled on Paula Deen. A few weeks ago, it happened to Rachael Ray. Before that, Martha Stewart (not a FN personality, but still) had to do it. We’re pretty sure it’s time for Andy Cohen’s food celebrity guests to quit cringing whenever a caller asks about Paula Deen’s buttery demise.

Below, check out Giada De Laurentiis’s awkwardly stammered-through response. She chalks up Food Network’s dismissal of Paula to what happened before the deposition, “which none of us are really privy to.” Well, none of us who don’t read Allen Salkin, anyway. (She’s referencing the tension between Food Network and Paula Deen following her diabetes reveal, which came three years after she had continued making heavy food on TV at Food Network’s expense.)

Shall we lighten things up? Here’s a mashup of Giada cooking and Katy Segal on Sons of Anarchy. It’s brilliant, in that “Katy Segal calls Giada a whore” kind of way.

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