Giada DeLaurentiis Is Weirded Out By This Gluten-Free Trend

In an interview during the Aspen Food and Wine Festival, Giada DeLaurentiis shared some Deep Thoughts with Ali Larter, and had some fun Insider Things to say. For instance, did you know she was a food stylist for Martha Stewart? True facts. But as America’s premier home cook/chef/celebrity person, she’s seen all the trends come and go — and as an Italian, she’s weirded out by the new obsession with gluten.

“There’s nothing like regular pasta, texture wise. The issue is this: We as adults are used to a certain flavor and texture from semolina in our pasta,” she told Larter. “We’re used to white flour in our cakes, in our brownies, and in our cookies. I think that although whole grains are better for you, we have to stop obsessing over certain things and just eat a wide variety. Because the more we obsess over something, then we’re going to become intolerant to that, as well.

“We are so obsessed with gluten right now, pretty soon everyone is going to be allergic to corn, which they probably already are,” she added. “I just think, don’t eat white pasta every day. And if you really really have a problem with gluten, don’t eat it, but all the other stuff that they’re substituting for it isn’t any better for you. The first ingredient in many gluten free flours is corn starch. That ain’t good either. If we could just think about diversifying our diets, like we do with our portfolios, we’d all be a lot happier and our bodies might feel better too.”

While her point about corn starch is kind of Michael Pollan-ish, her point about gluten-free diets being rather silly is spot on.

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