Seamless’s Girls Promotion Caused 4-Hour Delivery Delays, Thanks Hannah Horvath


Were you trying to be glamorous and order sushi for your Golden Globes viewing party last night? Italian Beefs for Showtime’s Shameless premiere? Something tragic and guilt-inducing for the HBO Girls premiere? Sadly, the reason your delivery was ruined had to do with the latter, because of course Hannah has to screw up everyone’s plans. UGH GOD, HANNAH, YOU’RE SO SELFISH.

Seamless Web ran a 15% off promotion on orders of $10 or more last night if you used a code for a special Girls promotion. This promotion caused so many people sitting at home on a Sunday night, watching so many hyped television broadcasts, to completely overload the Seamless system, resulting in a four-hour long shutdown.

Sidebar: can we please note that a 15% discount caused this mayhem? 15% off delivery for one human is not that impressive a savings. It’s a discount Seamless offers all the time. Torrential downpours scheduled all day? Seamless sends a 15% off code for lunch. Polar vortex happening outside your cozy apartment? Seamless sends a 15% off code and advises you to use your savings to tip the frostbitten delivery man. Valentine’s Day and you’re home alone? Seamless somehow knows about it and sends you a 15% off code to use on dinner for one. It’s not like it’s a half-off Starbucks Groupon (which are totally life-altering and we won’t hear another word about it).

Also, should we be taking slight offense to this?

Haha, WHOOPS, the Girls left a hairdryer plugged in, because those scatterbrained broads, AMIRITE LADIES?

…Next time this happens, we hope to blame sports.

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