Go Ahead and Google Ramen: Today’s Google Doodle Honors Inventor of Instant Ramen

Oh, we have so much to owe Momofuku Ando, the founder of the instant ramen noodles we eat way too often and more than is healthy for a 20-something female with a history of heart disease in the family. Still, those damn things are delicious.

Today’s Google Doodle highlights Ando, whose 105th birthday is today (he passed away in 2007). According to TIME, Ando founded Nissin Foods in 1958, which created the first instant Cup of Noodles. Grubstreet notes that it was Ando’s hope to cure world hunger with his noodle creation, which is sort of close because stoned college students are HUNGRY. And the secret to instant noodle success: “spray the noodles with chicken soup and then fry them in tempura oil” so that they wouldn’t be a soggy mush.

So we can go ahead and celebrate Ando’s invention with another ramen creation: the “ramlet!” Or ramen-fried chicken! Without Momofuku Ando, there would have been David Chang and Momofuku Noodle Bar — a sad world indeed.

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