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Andrew Zimmern’s Holiday Road Trip Tips: Try Pairing Sour Patch Kids & Cheese!

Appropriately for this Memorial Day Weekend, today’s installment of Go Fork Yourself was devoted to road trips, with most of this week’s broadcast coming to us from a recent drive through Idaho taken by Andrew Zimmern and sidekick Molly Mogren.

As tends to happen on road trips, we got to see a very intimate side of Zimm (less so of Molly, but that’s because he doesn’t ask her any questions). You know how it is: you’re on the road with a friend, and you find yourself opening up about the dark musings and memories you entertain to yourself late at night. Things like:

  • Your guilty pleasure snack pairing of Sour Patch Kids and cheese.
  • Your unhealthy obsession with the customizable “looser vs. thicker” Freal Milkshakes.
  • Your heinous reststop bathroom experiences.
  • The fact that your father nicknamed one of your family cars “The Beige Knish”.
  • The time you were driven home from an event at midnight by crazy superfans instead of by the car service you were promised, and were then held hostage and forced to call all their relatives, when really all you wanted was for everyone in the entire world to collectively STFU.

Okay, maybe that last one is Zimmern-specific.

Do you have a lengthy train, plane, or automobile ride ahead of you this weekend before you arrive at your Memorial Day destination of choice? Tuck into Andrew Zimmern’s latest podcast and commiserate with his dire public restroom anecdotes here.


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